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Project´s motivation

The port environment is characterized by the handling of heavy and large loads and a high turnover. Despite this, humans are indispensable in the advancing automation. In the specific application of automobile handling, vehicles are prepared for the respective target market in technical centers. For this purpose, tires and trailer couplings have to be moved and mounted by humans. In addition, there are a large number of other car parts that have to be picked and assembled in an overhead position. As a result, employees are under great physical strain, which in the short term results in high absenteeism rates and in the long term in muscular or joint disorders. Against this background, the MEXOT research project aims to develop a complete ergonomic design of the workplace. For this purpose, the use of sensory exoskeletons and driverless transport vehicles (FTF) is planned to create an automatic process- and employee-specific material supply as well as a physical relief for the employee. In addition, intuitive methods for interaction and gamification approaches will be integrated to increase motivation.