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3rd Successful Consortium Meeting

A second milestone was reached with the development of a prototype of an elastomer switch of the exoskeleton, and a prototype of a gamification system. For this purpose, the current development stage was discussed during the third consortium meeting. The sensory exoskeleton’s elastomer switch function was discussed, as well as the WiFi-RTT locating system. Regarding the autonomous mobile robot, the focus lied on the implementation of the integrated lifting unit with a load cell. Concerning the human-technology interaction, the implementation of further additions to the control framework ComFlow was planned (, such as the visualization of humans within the digital twin and the implementation of a queue manager for the administration of several tasks requested by different people. Additionally, a video showcasing the follow-me mode was presented ( A first prototype of the gamification smartphone application was made available for gamification and training purposes; In addition, the app has been revised for more intuitive operation and a clearer display of information. Regarding the laboratory and field tests, a prototypical assembly process was implemented within a laboratory scenario ( Field tests were also carried out at BLG for WiFi RTT localization with good results; another field test at BLG with a autonomous mobile robot was carried out to assess the basic functionality and the follow-me mode. Learnings were gathered for further optimization of the systems.