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2nd Successful Consortium Meeting

After successfully completing the conception phase, the MEXOT project has started with the development phase. For this purpose, the current status of both the research and the development of all subsystems was presented during the 2nd consortium meeting. Regarding the sensory exoskeleton, the development progress for activity recognition, the exoskeleton integration, as well as the ergonomics recognition and the elastomer switching function were presented, while the work for the driverless transport system mainly focused on the integration into the ComFlow control framework and the detailed selection of the hardware as well as the BLG-side positioning of the driverless transport system charging stations. Regarding the human-technology interaction, both the interaction concept for the driverless transport system tablet and the follow mode were presented. Additionally, a suitable gesture control system is currently being developed.
At the same time, the calculation logic for the gamification incentive system was refined. Furthermore, the next workshops and field tests, which should have taken place by the next meeting, were planned. The consortium meeting ended by presenting the development agenda for the next half year.