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Laboratory Scenario: Interaction of Prototypical Subsystems

With regard to higher physical exertion of technical labour in automobile transfer, BIBA collaborates with the partners BLG LOGISTICS, ELROTEC and HUNIC on the MEXOT project, sponsored by BMDV’s programme IHATEC. The goal of the project is an ergonomic design of workplaces while also improving process efficiency. A combination of sensoric exoskeletons and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is used to supply workers with automated process and worker specific materials, and to support physical labour. Additionally, intuitive methods for interaction and gamification approaches for increasing motivation were incorporated. Processes of commissioning, provision of materials and assembly are the focus of the MEXOT project, but the flexible, block based process application enables a reapplication of the technologies in further areas. This video showcases a laboratory example of the development stage and the interaction of prototypical subsystems.